Prostate Cancer Healed!

“I was given the diagnosis of prostate cancer in January of 2017. My PSA from November 2016 was 17 which I found out in Jan 2017. I had a PSA test January 2017 which was 19. I was given a biopsy in January and received the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Further testing revealed that I was at stage 1. I went to get a second opinion and eventually decided to switch to OSU. I went to every healing room I could at each of the healing room and called many of my healing ministry friends every possible day. My PSA tests went to 22 in April, 21 in May, 24 in June, 14 in July and finally 0.5 in October 2017. We prayed for the final PSA to be 0.0 – that is the end point that we are holding fast to for the completion. Thanks be to Jesus, Holy Spirit and Abba Father to raise up a group of prayer warriors and the churches who have been giving a home for the healing rooms – especially here at Carmel!” Bill

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