Knee Healed and Burdens Lifted!

After planning to attend the In His Presence healing service for a few months, I finally made it.   I’m so glad I did!  I was warmly welcomed and encountered a wonderful worship filled and scripture rich service followed by an invitation for anyone needing healing to come forward for prayer.

Being new, I was planning to simply observe when a word of knowledge was given that the Lord wanted to heal someone’s right knee.  I realized that was for me!  I received prayer and my knee felt great.  I have since returned to my physical job this week and the pain is still gone.  Praise the Lord!

Another word was given that afternoon that I was carrying burdens the Lord never intended for me to carry.  I realize this could resonate with many, but what made it so personal to me was when I heard “take the burdens from your backpack one by one and visualize giving them to Him.”  I did not have my backpack purse with me, yet it’s my trademark at work as I wear it daily while continually on my feet throughout my shift.  Besides developing work related knee pain, I also was deeply concerned about people and situations within my workplace.  These concerns we know were not for me to carry as the Word instructs us to cast our cares onto God!  Jesus knows exactly how to communicate with us in a very personal way to get our attention. He is so wonderful!

~ Ann 2/18/2020


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