Knee Healed and Burdens Lifted!

After planning to attend the In His Presence healing service for a few months, I finally made it.   I’m so glad I did!  I was warmly welcomed and encountered a wonderful worship filled and scripture rich service followed by an invitation for anyone needing healing to come forward for prayer.

Being new, I was planning to simply observe when a word of knowledge was given that the Lord wanted to heal someone’s right knee.  I realized that was for me!  I received prayer and my knee felt great.  I have since returned to my physical job this week and the pain is still gone.  Praise the Lord!

Another word was given that afternoon that I was carrying burdens the Lord never intended for me to carry.  I realize this could resonate with many, but what made it so personal to me was when I heard “take the burdens from your backpack one by one and visualize giving them to Him.”  I did not have my backpack purse with me, yet it’s my trademark at work as I wear it daily while continually on my feet throughout my shift.  Besides developing work related knee pain, I also was deeply concerned about people and situations within my workplace.  These concerns we know were not for me to carry as the Word instructs us to cast our cares onto God!  Jesus knows exactly how to communicate with us in a very personal way to get our attention. He is so wonderful!

~ Ann 2/18/2020


HEALED of Scoliosis!


Diane – I went to the doctor in July because I had pain in the upper part of my spine and every time I moved it hurt, and I also had a little lump and the doctor had me get an x-ray and CT-scan and said I had scoliosis. I was taking Aleve for the pain. Last month I got prayer for my back and the pain and lump is gone! Praise God when I bend my back it does not hurt.

Reprinted with permission.

Triple Healing!

“On my first visit to the healing room they prayed for my left knee and it was healed. The second time I came to the healing room they prayed for my right knee and it was healed. They also prayed for my shoulder on the second visit and it is healed also. I received it, and it is done. God is doing remarkable things and I am thankful for what He has done for me and He can do it for anyone.” Gloria

Healing Through a Word of Knowledge

“On my first visit I filled out the section regarding prayer I needed. I wrote arthritic knee but never wrote down I had a lump behind my knee near the crease of the knee. While praying over my knee, one of the women, Martha, standing to my left began praying and said “And Lord heal what is behind her knee; what ever is behind her knee heal it Lord.” I knew right away the Holy Spirit spoke to her about my knee as I did not write anything down about the large lump. I noticed the next day the lump had completely went away; it’s been about 3 months and it has not returned. I had had it for about 2 years. Never knew what it was and it was painful but is completely gone. Praise the Lord.” Iman

Prostate Cancer Healed!

“I was given the diagnosis of prostate cancer in January of 2017. My PSA from November 2016 was 17 which I found out in Jan 2017. I had a PSA test January 2017 which was 19. I was given a biopsy in January and received the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Further testing revealed that I was at stage 1. I went to get a second opinion and eventually decided to switch to OSU. I went to every healing room I could at each of the healing room and called many of my healing ministry friends every possible day. My PSA tests went to 22 in April, 21 in May, 24 in June, 14 in July and finally 0.5 in October 2017. We prayed for the final PSA to be 0.0 – that is the end point that we are holding fast to for the completion. Thanks be to Jesus, Holy Spirit and Abba Father to raise up a group of prayer warriors and the churches who have been giving a home for the healing rooms – especially here at Carmel!” Bill

Hip Joints Healed!

The pain was gone and my joints were healed.

“For quite a while I was aware that my anterior hip joints hurt – especially when I went up a stairway. A healing team prayed for me and I also prayed for healing and then I just tried to let it go and I forgot about it. Sometime later I realized that the pain was gone and my joints were healed. Praise God!”


Back & Digestion Problems Healed!

I was healed and today I feel no pain!

“I asked for agreement for my perfect digestion and no back pain. When hands were laid on my back, I felt a warmth. I still had pain, but later that evening I felt less pain and believed I was healed and today I feel no pain! I will retake my wellness test in January and expect to report no digestion issues!”